Skin Temperature Sensor Plug Assembly Human Body Temperature Measurement

Get accurate body temperature measurements with our Skin Temperature Sensor Plug Assembly. Manufactured in our factory for precise readings.
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J. P. Sensor
Hefei, Anhui, China
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Brief introduction
Human body surface temperature probe Baby-sensitive thermistor sensor is one type of NTC thermistor sensor. 
Jingpu baby-sensitive thermistor sensor guarantees temperature reading sensitivity with a stable, highly accurate measurement. Molded plug assembly provides direct connection to neonate/incubator/infant warmer.

Customized temperature measurement 0.1C 2.25k body medical temperature sensor according to the use of sub-main surface temperature probe, body temperature probe and disposable body temperature line. The body temperature probe is mainly used to measure the surrounding skin temperature, body temperature probe for nasopharyngeal temperature, esophageal temperature, rectal temperature, tympanic membrane temperature, bladder temperature measurements. In addition, in the case of heating or dialysis of blood, the temperature of the blood can also be monitored by a medical temperature sensor suitable for encapsulation.
  Body temperature is one of the main vital signs of the human body. Human body temperature to be maintained at 37 ºC basically stable, in order to ensure the normal operation of metabolism and other functions, which is the common characteristics of all mammals.
  With the development of monitoring technology and the development of body temperature research, people in clinical anesthesia work more and more attention to the body temperature index.
Product name  Customized 0.1C 2.25k body medical temperature sensor
Ended connector 3.5 mono plug P2
Probes Dial adult: 12mm; Children: 9.5 mm
Feature Accurate temperature measurement in 3s.
Length 500mm~ 4500mm
Resistance value 2.252kΩ/10kΩ

  Compatible for all YSl 400 series monitor devices. For example GE, HP, Nihon Kohden, Philips, Siemens, Mindray, Edan, Biolight etc. Standard resistance 10kΩ and 2.252kΩ,standard precision (25~45) ºC ± 0.1ºC(Other resistance or precision requirement can be customized.)
  Customized temperature measurement 0.1C 2.25K body medical temperature sensor

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Skin Temperature Sensor Plug Assembly Human Body Temperature Measurement
Skin Temperature Sensor Plug Assembly Human Body Temperature Measurement
Skin temperature sensor plug assembly provides direct connection to the Caleo Incubator / Babytherm Warmer. Direct Connection Flexible 62'' lead wire facilitates sensor placement on the infant, eliminating the need for interface/interconnect cable and ensuring precision and safety. Ease of Use Packaged individually in a Tyvek pouch with an insulated adhesive Mylar temperature probe cover (one-inch circular disk). Gentle Neonatal sensitive hypoallergenic adhesive/reflective Mylar probe cover provides insulation from heat and external sources ensuring precise temperature monitoring capabilities.

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